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Krst Pod Triglavom


Za svoje se borimo,
koncana so dejanja mnogih,
polja z mrtvimi so posejana,
zemlja kri previva, gnije.

Najvec sveta otrokom slisi Slave.
Nasli bomo pot in vero in postave -
ce pa naklonijo smrt bogovi,
manj strasna noc je v crne zemlje krili
kot so pod svetlim soncem
suzni dnovi.

We're fighting for our own,
The acts of many are over,
Fields are sowed with corpses,
Earth is flowing with blood, decaying.

The greater part of the earth
Belongs to the children of Slava.
We'll find our way, our faith and principles -

And if the Gods should bless us with death,
Less terrifying is the night
Within the folds of the black soil
Than days of enslavement
Under the shinning sun