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Fall Of The Leafe
Especially By Stealth


This is to you. This is to you who never destroys*
Who never repeats. Now that the shocks is gone, only sorrow lingers on.
As my own to keep, or whoever it really belongs to.
Oh no you cannot stone a man.
But you go round that in a smooth, clever way.
Tie that stone to a weapon an ocean away.
Which makes it just clean and fine.

My home. Here in the peace and quiet.
My favourite show is on, while your missile cruising away in the depths of it's own little silence.
Maybe he finds the guy who never destroys.
Or repeats much of anything in the annoying way that might attract bad attention.

Killing. Yeah.
Seems that if it's not the cornerstone of worship, then it's the foundation of a serious faith anyway.
Especially when done by stealth, by the wrong heroes.

Elsewhere, the earth was cold underneath her, prepared to
take on what was coming. Whereas here, I was privileged to meet the official "man out of secrets". He was standing in
the mirror this morning. In exactly the same way as those
wrong heroes.