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Barbra Streisand
1977 Academy Awards


Ladies and Gents Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond: It s a great pleasure and a great honor
for me to present the academy award to the songs have
been chosen for achievement in the original song cathegory

before I mention the winner about 3 weeks ago I was
talking to Barbra and I said I love your song so much,
no matter who wins or I m not gonna read read your
name but I have to cancel now Barbra,
so if I call your name have u actually won if I didnt
but if I dont call your name that means u wrote a fantastic song.

the winner is: Evergreen / Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand: In my wildest dreams,
I never never could ever imagine winning an academy
award for writing a song, I m very honoured and excited,
thank u all very much.