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Babylon Whores
Errata Stigmata


Oh well hey
What did you learn today
Of all the world and its pain
Of Archons insane?
Oh there's a hole up in the sky from where the angels fall
To bring us sword and sire children that grow up too tall

Oh there's a hole down in the ground where all the dead men go
Down purgatory's highways they gun their souls

Oh say you love Satan

Yeah right

What did you learn today /Crossing your fingers
Applauding the play?

Cough up all sixes that you know all signs of horns that you can show

Maybe you too are like unto the Beast unto the Fiend and Foe

For certainly the hoof and horn must be whereever hair will grow
To call upon the spirits foul to dance upon your goddamn soul

Oh say you love

Say you love Satan

Yeah right